Ecoflo is an ecological, high-performance and low-maintenance septic system suitable for new constructions or for replacing existing systems (main or secondary residences). It treats the septic tank effluent using a 100% natural and compostable coco husk-based filtering media that acts as a physical barrier. The media retains water and maintains the appropriate conditions for the biological treatment of wastewater. No energy is required to achieve treatment.


This compact system can be installed in different site conditions and requires up to 3 times less space than a conventional septic installation, thus allowing full enjoyment of the property. A lid allows access to the filtering media at all times for verification or maintenance purposes.


EcoFlo Coco Features and Benefits:

  • Can treat 500 to 20,000 US gal/d

  • Designed for difficult soil and site conditions, including clay soils and high water tables

  • Low profile compact system ensuring optimal use of the property

  • Uses a 100% natural and compostable coco husk-based filtering media that retains 99% of pollutants

  • Requires no electricity or electromechanical device to treat wastewater (Gravity Unit)

  • Quality-controlled system (tank and filtering media)

  • Superior quality, reliable and odorless system that provides total protection

  • Peace of mind guaranteed by a proven annual inspection program

  • System is preassembled for a quick installation

  • Available with nitrogen reduction unit