• 650 gal. Single Compartment

  • 1000 gal. 2 Compartment

  • 1250 gal. 2 Compartment

  • 1250 gal. 3 Comp. with Siphon

  • 1250 gal. 3 Comp. for Pump

  • 1500 gal. 2 Compartment

  • 1500 gal. 3 Comp. with Siphon

  • 1500 gal. 3 Comp. for Pump

  • 1750 gal. 2 Compartment

  • 2000 gal. 2 Compartment

  • 2500 gal. 2 Compartment

  • Plastic 1500

Tips for a Happy Septic Tank & System


  • Pump your septic tank out regularly as a neglected system could impose health risks to you and your family. It is recommended that septic tank be pumped every 3-5 years.

  • There is a filter inside the tank that must be cleaned annually.  

  • Make sure that ONLY human waste and toilet paper are flushed. You should not be putting any additives, chemicals, paint, food particles or anything else into your septic system as it could clog and/or cause costly damage to it. Do not use any Rid-X or powdered soaps!

  • It is important to know where the system is located so you do not drive anything over it including heavy machinery or vehicles as this could crush or damage your system and cause serious problems. Do not build anything within ten feet of the system, including a deck or patio.

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