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Septic Tanks


Our dedicated precast concrete company team is a member of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association and Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association.

Septic Tanks

Siphon Systems

Planet Care Peat Moss Biofilter

EcoFlo Coco Filter

Outdoor Concrete

Furniture & Products

From storm shelters to keep you safe in times that we cannot predict to outdoor furniture to complete your outdoor living space! 


Parking Chocks

Storm Shelters

Precast Concrete Farming Items

We offer anti-freeze stock tanks, different styles of feeding bins and grazing tanks to help make your farm life easier. See how we can help you today!

Stock Tanks

Feed Bunks

Grazing Tanks


Concrete Storm Shelters

Concrete storm shelters are capable of keeping us safe during the scariest of times. Fairfield Precast Concrete offers both above ground storm shelters and underground storm shelters to give you peace of mind.

Planet Care peat moss bioFilter

The Peat Moss Biofilters are one of our most popular products because of its many benefits. It is a passive system (requires no energy) that uses naturally occurring organisms to treat wastewater.

At Fairfield Precast Concrete we care about our environment and want to protect our waters. We highly recommend the Peat Moss as a great option to protecting our Environment.

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Products built to last

Our precast concrete products, septic tanks and other items are extremely durable. Our experienced staff uses the latest technologies from top manufacturers for your residential and commercial needs.

Fairfield Precast Concrete was one of the first companies in Iowa to build tanks for Planet Care Peat Biofilter systems.