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The Planet Care Coir-Peat Biofilter system was just approved for use in the State of Iowa and Fairfield Precast is the First in the State to offer it!


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peat moss for septic system - planet care bio filters
  • Can cost 30% less than other treatment systems

  • The system can be completely passive

  • No Electricity Needed

  • No Moving Parts

  • No Dosing Pumps Needed

  • Ease of Installation

  • Lowest Cost of Operation

  • No Costly Blowers to Replace

  • No Excess Sludge Removal

  • Low Cost of Maintenance

  • Ease of Maintenance

  • Can discharge into the following:

  • Pad / mound system

  • Gravity leach field

  • Pressure dosed leach field

  • Drip Irrigation System

  • Surface or water body (check local code)

  • Low Profile, great for high water table

  • Great For Seasonal Use Homes

  • No ramp up time

  • No shut down procedures

The EcoPure Peat Moss Biofilter was designed for extreme site conditions and sensitive environments. The system utilizes a specific blend of sphagnum peat moss for the treatment of septic tank effluent.

What is Sphagnum Peat Moss Used For in a Septic System?

Sphagnum peat moss provides a well-balanced eco-system of naturally occurring organisms that digest the harmful pollutants contained in the wastewater stream. The system replicates the same process that occurs in nature.

The unique properties of sphagnum peat moss allow our system to operate without expensive air blowers or compressors. In addition, the system was designed to be gravity-fed.

planet care biofilters septic system
benefits of eco friendly biofilter septic system iowa

Depending on site conditions, dosing pumps may not be necessary. This provides additional cost savings compared to other systems.

Extensive university research, independent third-party testing and real world experience have demonstrated that the EcoPure Peat Moss Biofilter will protect the most sensitive environments.

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